Buy Instagram Followers and Give Your Account a Boost

Instagram has emerged to be one of the top platforms for ‘e-commerce’. Thus it is worth to buy Instagram followers even if they are fake. This would draw attention from the real customers and they would start purchasing from the e-store. Let us see how this works.

Does Buying Instagram Followers Really Help Your Business?

A company buys followers in two ways. First of all, it makes a couple of ‘fake pages’ that follow them. Instagram is known to crack down the fake accounts. The ‘followers’ are basically the ‘shell accounts’ and without user engagement, they cannot drive revenue. Moreover, the ‘fake accounts’ can get banned.

The second way of buying followers is by making use of the ‘bot’. This automatically likes/follows accounts and subsequently unfollows them. The advantage of using the bot is the real users would see your account is being followed. They would check out your web pages and start following you. In this method, you can select how fast you wish your bot to ‘work’. The bot follows, comments and gives likes based on geolocation or hashtags.

It has been seen that the regular method of gaining followers works much better than the ‘bot automation’ method because of the higher engagement rate in the regular method. The regular method of gaining followers drives interested customers in the stores who place items in the carts to buy them and thus there are consistent sales. The same cannot be expected from the ‘bot automation method’.

Thus it can be concluded that when you begin a social media account, build the ‘social proof’ by engaging customers and genuinely connecting with the people who can follow you. Buying Instagram followers help if it is done by the regular method. In such a case you engage with the potential fans and can get them to follow you back.

The bot automation method fails as by this method proper engagement with the potential customers does not take place. Moreover, the method could not target the right customers and the bot unfollowed accounts too fast.

Thus, it can be seen that only buying Instagram followers will not help in driving sales and generating revenue. Proper engagement with potential customers is very essential to help your business to prosper. You can buy Instagram followers from websites such as Five5Star, Instazood, Share Supplier etc. and then work for better user engagement for more customer conversion and thereby driving more revenue.