Content Strategy For Getting Likes And Followers On Instagram

According to the statistical report in 2017, there are a total of 800 million active users who use Instagram for sharing their life events and happenings. As a social media platform, Instagram is taking a hike and becoming a trend among people. Youngsters are preferringInstrgram over Facebook and so as the marketers and businesses. With the emerging trend of Instagram marketing, the marketers and SMB’s are reaching out to this platform for influencing the audience. Here they can get a good number of likes and real Instagram followers. Acting as the potential market for the small and medium businesses, Instagram is getting bigger in the impression games as compared to Facebook and other social media platforms. The stats for the network i.e. Instagram insights are getting exceptional day by day and this is beneficial for the marketers. With maximum Instagram reach, the campaigns for brand awareness and nurturing the prospects is the real deal which the platform offers and helps to earn the likes and followers.

Here is the list of pro tips for the content strategy for getting likes and followers on Instagram that one can incorporate for the business to get the return on investment. This listicle is all, one needs to go through for getting maximum out of their Instagram marketing strategy.

  1. Biography of your business profile is the potential statement that describes your business along with its theme in words. It is going to connect the audience with your business and the content that you have posted. Allow the audience to connect with you via your bio.
  2. Visuals are the thematic mode of marketing for a platform like Instagram. So pictures are the content that is going to attract the audience. For this, you don’t need any top-notch DSLR rather your smartphone can do this for you. Instagram offers tools and filters that can add brilliant effects to your simplest pictures.
  3. Collages are the preferred version of posting pictures, this not only increases audience engagement rather enhances the monetization of business profile.
  4. Instagram stories can help you add the latest events and offers which further grabs the attention of the viewers and get maximum Instagram likes and followers.
  5. Adding text to the stills in terms of Instagram marketing is what termed as enhancing the brand position. The graphics and text combinations are the most visited content on the platform and help to fetch the leads.
  6. Motion content is always a plus point in the business profile. Using the Instagram tools like hyper-lapse or boomerang for the video content adds value and holds the attention of viewers.
  7. Time is what matters. Instagram allows the marketers to have 3-15 seconds for saying what they actually have.
  8. Preview of the products in terms of videos, stills or behind the scenes shows the functionality of your brand or business.
  9. When it is about Instagram, the best form of SEO is ‘Hashtags”. The appropriate hashtags that best suits your business are going to optimize your profile across the platform.
  10. Post in times that would fetch the maximum likes, followers, comments on your content.

Hence, Instagram is a promising platform that offers you an opportunity to say all about your brand and business with the most powerful mode i.e. visuals which further makes the deal worth it by getting Instagram followers and likes for the fan page.