Vertical Videos vs Horizontal Videos On Facebook To Get Likes And Followers

When it comes to Facebook and strategic outcomes for getting likes and followers, the best trendsetting technique for the marketers in 2018 is the vertical video format. Social media platforms especially Facebook are on the verge of change and giving a major overture for the placement and display of the content. Vertical stories for platforms like Facebook and Instagram are taking a hike and making everything to be shifted to this new format. Video content is always in the mainstream, either you are selling something or portraying your products for persuading customers to buy them. This is something proven with strong statistical numbers i.e. it is reported that approximately 82% of the businesses consider video content as the major tool for promoting their business and to get the maximum return on investment. Secondly, nearly 91% of the customers usually watch the video about the product and ends up in making the consent for finally purchasing it.

To further support the content, here mentioned are four of the strongest justifications that would further make it clear about the importance and requirement of the vertical video format as compared to the horizontal one for fetching the follower and facebook photo likes for the fan page/business page or profile.

We live in the world of smartphones

We are living in the era where the smartphones have replaced the other tech devices that were prior used to get information. This rapid change in the mode of communication and fetching information has actually made the think tanks to ponder on the fact that how many people nowadays use their desktops to reach their social networks? So its time to revolutionize the channels and brings in the thing which is in the mainstream. Hence, video marketing in terms of smartphones requires a different format of display and that is a vertical display. It gives the unique video view. Following the new trend, the vertical video marketing is what marketers need to follow to promote their brand and to enhance their optimization up to many folds.

Marketing and social networks

Social networks get the limelight as the world is shifted to the smartphones. Using the social channels either for the ad campaigns or video marketing, it is essential to follow the mobile-friendly format i.e. the vertical format. For this purpose, the social networks like Facebook decided to remove black bars on vertical videos, to give users more optimization. Now the Facebook and Instagram videos are going to fetch the leads to make the marketers earn maximum return on investment.

Vertical means better visuals

The completion rate for the vertical videos as compared to the horizontal ones is tremendously different. According to a statistical report, it is stated that a vertical video means 130% increased viewers and 4 times more engagement with the content. Huge number tho! Vertical video format in this regard is going to benefit the marketers on promoting their products and business and get the potential followers and Facebook page likes.
Its all about time

When it comes to Facebook used for video content, one thing every marketer has in his/her mind that they have only first 15 seconds to get the audience make them watch the video, increase their engagement and finally persuade them to convert. In this reference, vertical videos do a lot. It is easy for people to watch the vertical videos instead of holding their phone upright to view the horizontal ones and this distracts them in initial first 4-5 seconds.

Hence, vertical video format for getting the likes and followers is what the marketer’s needs for the future to expand their brands and business beyond the horizons of success.